Making curiosity a priority​

It’s a trademark of all learners, and we believe there is no point in doing anything without it.


Education meets Business

We represent a unique blend of higher education and business. Yep, that’s digital marketing with an academic touch

Born digital

Our talented students are born into and raised in the digital world. Studying at Algebra, they are at the forefront of digital trends and the digital landscape is their native environment with limitless possibilities

Personal approach

We take your business seriously and personally. We believe in what we do and we see every project as an opportunity for personal growth, both students and mentors


Mario Fraculj


Mario Fraculj is a renowned marketing expert and proven professional with extensive cross-sector experience in both B2C and B2B segments. In addition to running the Digital Talents operations, he is the Head of Economics department and Lecturer at the Algebra University College. In his business career so far, he has held several management positions, including marketing director at Kraš food industry and Chief Executive Officer at McCann Zagreb marketing agency. He played an important role in bringing the Effie competition and prestigious marketing awards to Croatia, as the first president of the jury, moderator and member of the Organizing Committee. The Commercial Court in Zagreb appointed him a permanent court expert witness for marketing, marketing communications and advertising.

Our Founders

Davor Runje

"Digital talents are the best value for money for clients, but also probably the most important business experience for talented students."


Mario Fraculj

"Leading this platform has given me an amazing opportunity to transfer my marketing experience and expertise to the academic environment and to work with some of the brightest young people who will be shaping the business world of tomorrow."


Hrvoje Balen

"By creating a well-functioning "student - mentor - entrepreneur" triangle, we have proven that theory and practice work. I am looking forward to the new ventures and continued success of Digital Talents, and Algebra will continue to be the leader in excellent practices when it comes to working with students."

Selected Projects

Take a sneak peek at some of our projects! 

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večernji list
Kad surađuju gospodarstvo i obrazovanje, nastane novi projekt – Digital Talents…
lider (2018)

Visoko učilište Algebra i Drap pokreću projekt Digital Talents, digitalnu agenciju….

bug (2018)
Digital Talents je hibridna digitalna agencija koja povezuje studente digitalnog…
zimo (2018)
Male tvrtke jednostavno nisu u fokusu full service agencija, a studenti žele…
Media marketing (2018)
Male tvrtke nisu u fokusu full service agencija, a studenti žele što više mogućnosti praktične implementacije stečenih znanja na studiju
hura (2018)
Algebra i Drap pokreću projekt Digital Talents, digitalnu agenciju koja će studentima omogućiti da steknu radno iskustvo
ICTBusiness (2018)
Visoko učilište Algebra i Drap pokreću projekt Digital Talents, digitalnu agenciju koja će studentima omogućiti da…
rač (2018)
Drap i Algebra kreirali Digital Talents – platformu za povezivanje malih tvrtki i talentiranih studenata

direktno (2018)

Visoko učilište Algebra i agencija Drap pokrenuli su projekt digitalne agencije “Digital Talents” 

cropc (2018)
Digital Talents je inovativna platforma i hibridna digitalna agencija koja povezuje studente digitalnog marketinga
večernji (2020)
Studiji računarstva, digitalnog marketinga i dizajna ove su godine na Algebri dobili još jedno pojačanje u vidu novog smjera